Pat Robertson: God Won’t Let ‘Crazy Guy’ Ahmadinejad Nuke Us

March 3, 2011

(ChattahBox US News)—Who better to talk about crazy people, than radical televangelist Pat Robertson? The 700 Club host, who is fond of attributing natural disasters to God’s vengeance, declared that we don’t have to worry about some lunatic, such as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad nuking us into oblivion, because God wouldn’t allow it. But don’t stop preparing for Armageddon just yet. Robertson predicts the End of Days is “coming to pass.” And God probably has a plan to administer a spiritual kick in the ass to the world’s sinners by bringing a catastrophic “meteor on us.” Good to know.

Robertson made his apocalyptic remarks for “an exclusive interview for the April edition of Newsmax magazine,” a right-wing outlet that monetizes its trafficking in conspiracy theories by shilling tea party approved merchandise, such as the “Dynamo Emergency World Band Radio,” and a book entitled,”Glenn Beck’s Common Sense,” which is the very definition of the word oxymoron.

Regarding the End of Days and the coming Rapture, Robertson warns his followers to be prepared.

“Asked whether unrest in the Middle East and Iran’s nuclear ambitions could be seen as a prelude to Armageddon, Robertson cited Old Testament prophet Ezekiel, who predicts in Ezekiel 38:5 that a coalition of other nations will rise up against Israel in a final battle “that’s made up of what looks like Russia, Turkey, Iran, the Sudan,” and other nations.”

‘“So it’s all shaping up, and they are going to invade Israel in ‘the latter days,’” Robertson tells Newsmax in the exclusive interview. “So that to me is one of the most key prophetic signposts that we have available to us. And it’s coming to pass.”’

But Robertson is convinced that God is keeping tabs on Ahmadinejad, so that crazies like him won’t deprive the true believers of their Rapture.

‘“I don’t think that God is going to allow some crazy guy like Ahmadinejad to blow up the world with an atomic weapon,” Robertson says. “I just don’t think he’s going to allow it.”‘

‘“Now, God may bring a meteor on us, and we’ll know who did it. But he’s not going to turn this world lose to the crazies. But it certainly is frightening to think that nuclear technology is available to the A.Q. Khan network in Pakistan, or to Ahmadinejad in Iran, or to the people in North Korea,”’ he says.

As a sweetener for new subscribers, Newsmax encourages readers at the end of Robertson article, to “Sign up now and get our special report, “The Jesus Question, Will He Ever Return” FREE.”

And no doubt their “Dynamo Emergency World Band Radio,” will also come in handy when Armageddon finally arrives, as a result of President Obama’s liberal socialist policies.

h/t Right Wing Watch


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