Anti-Muslim Hate and Right-Wing Kookery: A Burkha-Clad Statue of Liberty? (Video)

March 4, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News)—If you wake up every morning terrified of “Creeping Shariah” and believe that President Barack Obama is a secret Muslim Kenyan usurper, who is a Manchurian Candidate programmed at birth (in Kenya) to destroy America, then you are probably a regular reader of WorldNetDaily, the go-to source for bigotry, and the wildest and most ridiculous conspiracy theories on the Internet. WND, otherwise known as Birther Central, is also ground zero for vicious Islamophobia. What sort of insane crackpot hate is WND peddling now? Apparently, we should all be very, very afraid of the Statue of Liberty being fitted with a “Muslim burkha.” No, this is not an Onion story.

Where in the world did the nuts at WND get the idea that the Statue of Liberty would be covered up with a burkha? A clownish buffoon and provocateur named Anjem Choudary, says so. Choudary, who is no different than mentally ill people seen on street corners talking to themselves, is a favorite guest on Fox News. Why? Because he is held up as evidence of the scary Muslim terrorist narrative that Fox spews out on a daily basis. Choudary is no more representative of the Muslim faith, than Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church is of Christianity.

Still, according to the right-wing Islamophobes, we should fight back against the non-existent threat to our Statue of Liberty.

The blaring WND headline and accompanying picture is meant to strike fear in the hearts of the ignorant, the bigoted and the uninformed.

Will Statue of Liberty be fitted with Muslim burkha?
Shariah4America: Cover ‘goddess’ until it can be demolished, replaced with minaret”

This sort of fearmongering plays to humanity’s basest instincts. And the consequences are hate, rage and even violence. A group of Muslim haters gathered in our nation’s capitol on Thursday, to stage a counter protest to some sort of sharia gathering announced by the nutty cleric Anjem Choudary.

But Choudary’s demonstration was canceled, leaving a group of foaming at the mouth bigots to harass a lone praying Muslim man, by flinging Christian crosses at him and shouting for him to go home to his own country. It was an ugly scene. And a stain on our humanity that is playing out in small towns and cities across America.




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