GOP Tourette’s: Trashing Dem as ‘Pro-Abortion Jewish Lawyer’ Was ‘Inadvertent’

March 8, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News)—A Republican political official  in Arkansas, suffers from a particularly odious form of right-wing Tourette’s that’s spreading fast in GOP circles. What is it? Anti-Semitism. Chuck Chatham, a member of the Garland County Republican Central Committee cautioned residents not to vote for a Democratic candidate running for the state legislature, because he is a “pro-abortion Jewish lawyer.” As the Republican Party moves further to the far, far right, members are reprising the dark history of paranoia and anti-Semitism fueled by the John Birch Society. And it’s getting downright ugly.

Chatham put his anti-Semitic screed in an email, no less. He is incensed that a Jew, who has practiced “environmental law,” the scare quotes are Chatham’s, would have the audacity to run for office against a God-fearing Republican, who is “a pro-life, Christian.”

The scary Jewish lawyer in question, Democrat Jerry Rephan,  is seeking to fill a legislative seat in a special election. His Republican opponent Bruce Cozart, is not as qualified. He’s a construction worker and bulldozer operator. But he has one good thing going for him. He’s not Jewish. And that’s all that matters apparently.

Read portions of Chatham’s offensive email below:

“The election is between Bruce Cozart (R) a pro-life, Christian who has served a number of years on the Lake Hamilton school board and Jerry Rephan (D).

Jerry is a pro-abortion Jewish lawyer who specializes in “environmental law” which means his primary clients as such were the Sierra Club and PETA, among others.

Bruce Cozart is pro-second amendment rights and has been an active member of the
First Assembly of God church for many years. He has been a local contractor and
construction worker for the last 35+ years here in Garland County.

We need a contractor/dozer driver instead of another liberal lawyer in the Arkansas state legislature. Please go and vote!! This is a very important race to anyone who values Christian principles.”

A writer for the Blue Arkansas blog asked Chatham to explain his vile bigoted email. He responded with an insane rant about Jews.

“For the record, Blue Arkansas writer La Voix approached Mr. Chatham and asked him if he would do an interview discussing the email and he refused, but did rant at her about how he felt it was important to support a Christian candidate over a Jew.”

Talking Points Memo also asked Chatham for a comment. And he explained that attacking Jerry Rephan’s suitability for public office based on his Jewish faith was “inadvertent.” Ahh, see how that Bircher Tourette’s works? Chatham just can’t help himself. The phrase “pro-abortion Jewish lawyer,” just rolls off the tongue.

“It has nothing to do with his faith,” he said, but “the issue is the fact is that he is a liberal individual.”

“Chatham added that he was trying to convey: “Do you want to have to someone who matches your conservative values?”‘

“When pressed, Chatham admitted that he “did it very poorly,” and would apologize if he offended anyone.”

This incident of blatant anti-Semitism by Republican officials isn’t an aberration. A nearly identical email was sent out by Republican Party officials in Texas opposing the bid of Jewish State Rep. Joe Straus to become Speaker. The ugly emails called for a “true Christian speaker.”

John Cook, a member of the Texas State Republican Executive Committee defended the anti-Semitic campaign against Straus, by saying “Christian Conservatives” just “do the best jobs over all.” And besides, Cook denied he is a bigot, because—get ready for it— “some of my best friends,” are Jews, he said.

Today’s far-right Republican Party—the John Birch Society redux. It’s ugly, racist and batshit crazy.


One Response to “GOP Tourette’s: Trashing Dem as ‘Pro-Abortion Jewish Lawyer’ Was ‘Inadvertent’”

  1. majii on March 11th, 2011 8:23 pm

    If it’s true that “Christian Conservatives” just “do the best jobs over all,” why did George W. Bush leave the country and the world in a mess? Saying one is not a bigot because one has “friends” who is a member of the group you’re discriminating against doesn’t prove you aren’t a bigot. IMO, it reinforces the bigotry because you’re essentially telling your “friends” that they’re “okay” with you, as long as they stay in their “place.”

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