Gohmert: Terror Babies, Liberals-Jihadists Plotting to Destroy US (Video)

March 9, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News)—The buffoonish paranoid lawmaker, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is bringing back one of his greatest hits—terror babies. But this time, Gohmert has added a little something extra to pack more of a terrifying conspiratorial punch to his cockamamie ravings. At this very moment, jihadist terror babies are plotting with an unholy alliance of progressives and Muslim terrorists to destroy America. Why? Because the leftists and radical Muslims hate the baby Jesus and really, really hate conservatives like Gohmert and his tea party minions.

Gohmert, also a raging homophobe who has at various times compared homosexuality to necrophilia, pedophilia, bestiality and Nazism, made his latest unhinged remarks during an appearance on an American Family Association radio program. And Kyle at Right Wing Watch reported on all of the kooky details.

Host Tim Wildmon helpfully suggested that Muslim women of child bearing age should be banned from entering the United States to prevent the birth of terror babies.

WILDMON: Somebody’s gotta get strong here, and say listen, no more 20-40 year olds from Saudi Arabia are allowed into America until you all get this cleaned up.

Gohmert lamented that he was criticized for his insane terror babies conspiracy theory, but he’s sticking with it.

Gohmert: I’ve been beat up pretty badly over an issue of women coming into US, having babies here, and returning where they came from with an American citizen and an American passport for that child. But if people will do the homework, as I’ve been doing, they will find out that there are people who are known associates of groups we call terrorist groups whose wives have come and have children here and go back with American passports.

Once these terror babies with American citizenship grow up and return to wage destruction on America, watch out people. Because the leftists and radical Muslims will join the terror babies to form a terrifying caliphate that will destroy democracy

“You know the great irony, the extreme leftist media that is throwing in with the radical Jihadists, the great irony is, if the radical Jihadists took over, the first people they kill are the extreme leftists that have thrown in with them right now. They would not have the freedom of press to say the things that they want or disagree with the government, all of those things would go by the wayside. It is ironic that the two groups throw in together. In fact, my friend Andy McCarthy had a great article about how leftists and jihadists have thrown in together in this effort, not because they have anything at all in common other than that they hate conservatives and they don’t care that much for Christianity.”

Yes, Gohmert is a radical clown, but really, this special brand of conspiratorial nonsense is becoming the new normal for today’s Republican Party.



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