GOPer’s Hot Mic Truth-Telling: ‘The Crazy, Give-a-Handgun-to-a-Schizophrenic Bill’

March 12, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News)—Republican lawmakers apparently know how harmful and dangerous their gun nut, Second Amendment bills are, but they just don’t give a shit. It’s more important to pander to the NRA and their fringe anti-government right-wing base. If innocent lives are lost as a result, in Rep. John Boehner’s words, “So be it.” Rep. Jeff Kaufmann (R), a state lawmaker from Iowa and the speaker pro tem, supports a proposed gun bill in public, but in private, over a hot mic, he is heard admitting it would put guns in the hands of mentally ill people. But eh, what’s the problem with a few more nuts with guns, right? Hey Kaufmann, ever hear of the Tucson shooting rampage?

Kaufmann made his illuminating truth-telling remark during a legislative hearing, in which he was asked by a colleague what the so-called “Alaska carry,” bill was all about. Kaufmann responded that the bill is “crazy,” and would allow schizophrenics to run around with guns. The exchange was caught on tape.

The DesMoines Register has the details:

“A snafu during a legislative debate where a microphone was turned on captured banter between two Iowa GOP leaders, who also joked about a “give-a-handgun-to-a-schizophrenic bill.”’

“Republicans this week revived a proposal that would allow Iowans to carry weapons in public without permission from a sheriff, without background checks and without training requirements.”

Here is the key exchange between Kaufmann, Rep. Steve Lukan (R), and assistant majority leader and Rep. Erik Helland (R) :

Kaufmann: Sounds like you’re getting out of the Alaska bill.

Helland: Oh yeah, I’m getting out of it after I end up on a blog.

Lukan: The Alaska bill – what’s the Alaska bill? […]

Kaufmann: The crazy, give-a-handgun-to-a-schizophrenic bill.

Kaufmann promptly turned off his mic, when he realized it was hot.

Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky is using Kaufmann’s schizophrenic remark to state the obvious: Republican lawmakers know the “Alaska carry,” bill could cost lives, but they don’t care. Right-wing ideology and the worshiping of guns (literally in Louisiana) trumps public safety.

“Rep. Kaufmann’s characterization of this bill and the entire conversation proves that even Republicans know HSB 219 is a dangerous piece of legislation that jeopardizes public safety,” said Dvorsky.

Last year, Kaufmann sponsored a radical “personhood” amendment that would police a woman’s womb, by protecting human eggs as legal persons, a measure that would end a woman’s legal right to have an abortion and even use contraception. I wonder what he really thinks of his extremist “personhood” amendment. Without a hot mic, his constituents will never know.

Kaufmann’s official bio, says he teaches history and government at Muscatine Community College. He may want to explain to his students that elected officials are expected to serve the people and not special interests and campaign donors.

Kaufmann has now apologized for his remarks caught on tape, calling his quip a “poorly worded joke.”

Watch it:


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