Kansas GOPer: How About Hunting Immigrants from Helicopters, Like ‘Ferel Hogs’?

March 15, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News)—“They shoot horses, don’t they?” And in Kansas apparently, they also shoot wild hogs from helicopters. State Rep. Virgil Peck (R) hates brown people so much, that he recently suggested his state could solve its illegal immigration problem by gunning down undocumented human beings, just like wild pigs. The bloodthirsty anti-immigration and “pro-life” lawmaker, later brushed off his remarks as a joke that his Southeast Kansan constituents would appreciate. How low can bigoted right-wing lawmakers go? Ol’ Virgil may have set the marker. And that’s quite a notorious achievement, considering the utter insanity coming out of Republican state legislatures these days.

Peck, the Republican Majority Caucus Chairman, who works as an insurance salesman when he isn’t advocating the mass murder of undocumented immigrants, proposed his final solution for “illegals” during a House Appropriations Committee hearing on the problem of curbing feral hogs in the state. State officials, have in the past, hunted the wild hogs from open helicopters. As an alternative, the lawmakers were considering an open hunting season on wild hogs.

Peck preferred the helicopter method, but not for feral swine, for brown human beings he considers inferior.

“Looks like to me, if shooting these immigrating feral hogs works, maybe we have found a problem [solution] to our illegal immigration problem,” said Peck.

There is hope for humanity yet. Several lawmakers reportedly “gasped” in response to Peck’s odious proposal. And the chairman of the panel, Rep. Marc Rhoades, (R), took issue with Peck’s comments, although he provided his colleague with cover, helpfully referring to Peck’s remark as a joke.

“I know that the preface to your question was an attempt at humor, but I would ask that in the future you refrain from comments that could be deemed inappropriate,” said Rhoades.

Peck had nothing to say in response at the time, but he later defended his mass murder proposal, as no big deal, because he was just echoing the true feelings of the people of Southeast Kansas.

“Peck could not be reached for comment, but following the hearing he told the Lawrence Journal-World that he was “just speaking like a southeast Kansas person.” [...]

“He said most of his constituents are extremely upset with illegal immigration and the state and federal government response. He added that he expects no further controversy over the comment.”

“I think it’s over,” Peck told the Journal-World.

The Arizona-based group Somos Republicans is demanding an apology from Peck for his incendiary hate speech.

“There are people advocating to shoot the heads off of “illegal Mexicans”, and Peck’s behavior is extremely violent and inappropriate, reads a statement from Samos.

We are sick and tired of the bigotry from state legislators who would rather advocate for violence and shooting people than to focus on reasonable solutions,” adds Samos on its website.

If we are to believe Peck, a typical “southeast Kansas person,” is a bloodthirsty bigot, who supports gunning down a group of human beings they don’t like from helicopters.

If he’s right, then we really are screwed as a country. And no Peck, it’s not “over.”

Photo Source: VirgilPeck.com


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