Obama: Did You Hear the One About My Kenyan Birth?

March 18, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News)— How else can you respond to the insanely kooky birther conspiracy theory, except by mockery? And that’s just what President Obama has decided to do. In the past week alone, Obama has cracked a couple of biting birther jokes, alluding to the large number of right-wing Republicans who wrongly, but stubbornly, cling to the belief that our first black president is an illegal alien Kenyan usurper, out to destroy America as a secret Muslim Manchurian candidate. In other words, “That scary black guy in the White House is not one of us.” Birthers are crazy. They are nuts. And they are racist. So, Obama has been having a little fun with the birther crowd, of late. The Politico reports that at last weekend’s Gridiron Club dinner, instead of the standard Hail to the Chief, Obama requested Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA. Haha, take that you birther lunatics.

One of Obama’s best birther jokes yet, reveals the foreign birthplace of his great-great-great-grandfather. No, it’s not Kenya. Hint: he cracked the joke at a St. Patrick’s Day luncheon:

“Now, speaking of ancestry, there has been some controversy about my own background. Two years into my presidency, some are still bent on peddling rumors about my origins. So today, I want to put all those rumors to rest. It is true my great-great-great-grandfather really was from Ireland. It’s true. Moneygall, to be precise. I can’t believe I have to keep pointing this out,” cracked Obama.

Gotta love it.

And on a more serious note, Obama is sending a direct message to Republican presidential contenders, whom are blatantly pandering to the fringe birther crowd. What is the message? If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.

Photo Source: White House Flickr, Photo by Pete Souza.


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