Glenn Beck Cable Channel: Where Every Day is the End of the World

March 23, 2011

(ChattahBox US News)—Glenn Beck, Fox News’ conspiracy-theorist-in-chief, may indeed be wearing out his welcome at the right-wing propaganda network. According to a New York Times report, Beck is contemplating creating his own cable channel after his Fox News contract expires in December. And if that doesn’t pan out, Beck may expand his lucrative Insider Extreme subscription service on his website. Fox News previously hinted that they are sick and tired of Beck’s insane Apocalyptic chalkboard rantings, creating speculation that Beck’s contract won’t be renewed. So, Beck is looking for other outlets to peddle his End Times hucksterism and carnival roadshow. Imagine a Glenn Beck cable channel, where everyday is the end of the world as we know it.

Beck’s crazy Apocalyptic shtick mixed with biblical End Times fearmongering, has run its course. His ratings are plunging and viewers are bailing from Beck’s sinking ship, leaving only the really hardcore fans and fringe conspiracy theorists. And since Beck attacked our first black President, Barack Obama, as ” racist” having a “deep-seated hatred of white people,” at least 300 hundred advertisers have withdrawn their ads from Beck’s Fox News show. What’s left are ads for survival seeds and gold coins, to prepare for the Armageddon that Beck promises is about to occur any day now.

How could Beck possibly sustain an entire cable channel under these dire circumstances? He can’t, but besides being the right-wing’s voice of doom, Beck is also a megalomaniac. So, it’s all starting to make sense.

The New York Times writes:

“But a cable channel takeover, even in part, carries enormous risk, as Ms. Winfrey and Ms. Stewart can attest — they have more real estate now, but the ratings comparisons are not favorable. For Mr. Beck, the risk may be heightened by the fact that many advertisers have shunned him on Fox, in part because of a boycott that started after he called President Obama racist in 2009.” […]

“Mr. Beck’s other option is to expand Insider Extreme, the subscription portion of his Web site,, by hosting an exclusive show there and by adding other content.”

Whatever the case, where there is a buck to be made by playing on people’s fears and prejudices, Beck will be there. In The Times’ piece, sources say Beck’s future venture would not try to compete with Fox News.”Rather, it would try to extract more value out of Mr. Beck’s loyal fans.”

Beck is very good at extracting “value” from dumb right-wing rubes.

He issued a statement, playing coy about his future plans, in the event Fox News dumps him in December.

“Roger Ailes has built the most important voice in America today — Fox News — and it is an honor to do my show there every night,” he stated. “I have no intention whatsoever of doing the show I am doing now on Fox anywhere else.”

Translation: Beck plans to create a more extreme version of his daily bigoted rantings about a coming Muslim “caliphate,” “chaos,” and the “coming insurrection.” Just yesterday, Beck warned his frightened viewers to be ready for the fall of the United States. “You’d better grab onto your Bible, you’d better grab onto your gun,” intoned Beck.

You’d better grab onto your remote, if you want to avoid this nutcase.


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