Birther Trump: Obama’s Birth Announcements Could be Fake (Video)

March 24, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News)— How can anyone possibly take this blowhard seriously? Doubling down on his fringe conspiracy birtherism, Reality TV star Donald Trump appeared on ABC’s “The View” to peddle more racist birther garbage. But this time, he added another bit of tin foil hat nonsense to gin up the crazy birthers. Trump suggested that President Obama’s newspaper birth announcements could have been fabricated, as part of an elaborate plot to install the Kenyan-born and secret Muslim Barack Hussein Obama in the White House as an anti-American Manchurian candidate. The 2012 Republican primary is going to be quite the freak show.

When Trump isn’t wowing us with his foreign policy experience, “I screwed” Gaddafi, he’s pandering to the racist birther element in the Republican party. Last week The Donald questioned Obama’s place of birth, by falsely claiming “nobody knew him,” growing up.

Yesterday, while sitting down with the ladies of “The View,” Trump demanded to see Obama’s long-form birth certificate, suggesting our first black president is hiding a deep dark secret.

CNN’s Political Ticker writes:

“I want him to show his birth certificate. I want him to show his birth certificate,” Trump said on ABC’s “The View.” “There’s something on that birth certificate that he doesn’t like.”

The potential 2012 presidential candidate said Obama was “probably” born in the U.S., but repeated questions he raised last week about the president’s childhood.

“If you go back to my first grade, my kindergarten, people remember me. Nobody from those early years remembers him,” Trump said. “If you’re going to be president of the United States, it says very profoundly you have to be born in this country.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg, responded to Trump’s racist birtherism, saying “That’s the biggest pile of dog mess I’ve heard in ages.”

Trump then cast doubt on Obama’s birth announcements, bragging that he knew all about Wall Street “fraud.”

“I have seen fraud, and I have seen scandal. And I have seen things that a lot of people don’t see,” said Trump, adding “The point is, I can’t rely on some newspaper they show…”

This idiocy is just mind-boggling. The Slate’s Dave Weigel quips Trump’s ridiculous rationale, could be used “…to develop a theory that “Donald Trump” is actually a PCP-addicted gardener, on the run from the Federales for a crime he didn’t commit, who kidnapped the real Donald Trump in 2004 and stole his identity.”

Watch it, if you can stomach the whole four minutes and eight seconds:

Photo Source: Gage Skidmore/Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution.


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