Insanity in Wisconsin: Gov. Walker’s Lawbreakers Vs. ‘Leftist’ ‘Organic’ Food Shopping Judge

March 31, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News—The bizarre showdown between the lawless and reckless Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi, attacked by Republicans as a crazed “leftist” who—wait for it—“shops at organic gourmet food shops,” continued today with a new twist. Apparently, in response to public comments giving the virtual middle finger to the judge’s orders enjoining implementation of the union-busting bill, from the Walker administration, the Department of Justice and the clownish Republican lawmakers, known as the Fitzgerald brothers, Judge Sumi amended Tuesday’s order this morning, declaring that the bill was not legally published and is therefore not law. How far will the Walker goon squad go in spitting in the eye of the rule of law? For now, the third court order is the charm, and Walker appears to have finally decided to obey the rule of law. On Tuesday, Judge Sumi warned the Walker administration that they risk court sanctions for willfully defying her orders. The court hearing resumes on Friday. Will she make good on her threat of sanctions? Whatever happens in this court case and others, Scott Walker and his Republican minions have been publicly unmasked as lawless thugs. Let the recalls begin!

As a recap, Wisconsin Republican lawmakers pulled a fast one and passed the union-busting bill in the dead of night without Senate Democrats present, possibly violating the state’s open meetings laws. The open meetings law issue landed in Judge Sumi’s courtroom, and she issued a Temporary Restraining Order barring implementation of the bill, until the legal issues could be resolved in court. Her order also enjoined the Secretary of State Doug La Follette (D) from officially publishing the bill, which in Wisconsin, is the final official state act that makes a bill law after the governor signs it.

But the Fitzgerald brothers, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, along with their Republican buddies at the Department of Justice, decided to pull an end-run around the Democratic Secretary of State and bully a different state department, the Legislative Reference Bureau to “publish” the union-stripping bill in defiance of both the court order and a directive from Doug La Follette not to “publish” it. After this feat, Walker’s office, the Fitzerald brothers and the Department of Justice declared that the bill was officially “published” and is now the law of the land in Wisconsin.

Neat trick.

The Walker administration’s top aide, Mike Huebsch, Secretary of the Department of Administration, began immediately implementing the union-busting bill by preparing to deduct increased pension and medical contributions from the paychecks of most public employees, as well as no longer deducting union fees.

When the lawless Walker gang arrived in Judge Sumi’s courtroom on Tuesday, she was obviously perturbed that they purposely defied her TRO. And she amended it to make it clear that implementation of the bill was enjoined.

“Apparently that language was either misunderstood or ignored, but what I said was the further implementation of Act 10 was enjoined. That is what I now want to make crystal clear,” said Judge Sumi from the bench on Tuesday.

She also issued a stern warning to the rogue lawbreakers.

“Now that I’ve made my earlier order as clear as it possibly can be, I must state that those who act in open and willful defiance of the court order place not only themselves at peril of sanctions, they also jeopardize the financial and the governmental stability of the state of Wisconsin,” Sumi said.

But Judge Sumi stopped short of declaring that the “publishing” of the bill by the Legislative Reference Bureau did not render it law, preferring to wait and hear further testimony on Friday. But then the lawbreakers’ mouths started wagging again, publicly telling Judge Sumi that she isn’t the boss of them.

And there was this bizarre press release from the Republican Party of Dane County, attacking Judge Sumi as a dangerous organic food-eating commie leftist. She was appointed to the bench by former Republican Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson.

Read the Dane County Republicans’ ridiculous attacks on Judge Sumi below. It’s hard to believe that it’s not some sort of Onion story.

“The Republican Party of Dane County recognizes that Judge Sumi is a leftist living in Dane County. Her friends are leftists living in Dane County. Her son is a left wing activist in Dane County. She goes to cocktail parties held by leftists in Dane County. She shops at organic gourmet food shops run by leftists living in Dane County. If she were to enforce the law of Wisconsin and do what was in the best interest of the people of Wisconsin, she’d be exiled from her lifestyle. She’d lose her friends!”

“The leadership of the Republican Party of Dane County have all made the choice to stand against the Dane County elite. We accept that Left feels righteous vandalizing our homes and keying our cars. It’s only fair. We disagree based upon logic and principle. That is intolerable! We prioritize the Constitution and the well being of the people of Wisconsin over foie gras at cocktail parties. That’s the choice we made. We respect Judge Sumi’s decision to live her life with the rich diversity that liberals cherish.”

Are the Dane County Republicans off of their Rocker?

Now this morning, Judge Sumi, obviously disgusted with these lawless clowns, went ahead and amended her order again, making it clear that the union-busting bill that the Walker administration is treating as state law, is not in fact law.

The WisPolitics Budget Blog reports:

“Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi signed a revised temporary restraining order this morning declaring the legislation changing collective bargaining powers for public employees has not been published and is not in effect.”

“Sumi’s order, sent to the media this morning by the Dane County DA’s office, comes on the heels of statements by the Department of Justice and DOA Secretary Mike Huebsch that the effect of her earlier restraining order was unclear and that the changes were still law.”

Now what?

Apparently, hitting the Walker administration over the head with a third Temporary Restraining Order did the trick. Walker’s office released a statement announcing that the implementation of the union-busting bill would cease, in response to Judge Sumi’s further amended order. But Walker’s office still insists the bill is law.

“Huebsch again said he believes the act was legally published and is law, but is pulling back given Judge Sumi’s order this morning.”

‘”DOA will continue to abide by the court orders, like the department has done all throughout this process,”’ he said.

The Walker administration, has in fact, not been abiding by Judge Sumi’s orders, but they seem to live in a Republican alternate reality, wherein they are above the law, and shopping at an organic food market is cause for suspicion and hysterical press releases.

Watch Judge Sumi admonish the Walker gang in court on Tuesday:


One Response to “Insanity in Wisconsin: Gov. Walker’s Lawbreakers Vs. ‘Leftist’ ‘Organic’ Food Shopping Judge”

  1. majii on March 31st, 2011 9:55 pm

    Most 9/10th Grade civics students know that no bill passed by a state legislature becomes a law until it is certified and published by the secretary of state, or a comparable public official to whom this duty is mandated by law. This current crop of republicans and their mindless followers are trying to undo all of the work that I, and other teachers around the country who have taught or are teaching civics, have done. In Republican Bizzaro World, the rule of law is meant for those of us who are not members of the GOP.

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