Rush Limbaugh’s Venom: ‘What’s a Few Dead Babies Between Friends?’

April 8, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News)—The budget impasse in Congress and an impending government shutdown that’s playing out politically today, has driven hate talker Rush Limbaugh over the edge. On an average day, Limbaugh spews out so much hate and racist bile that it’s no wonder radios don’t explode from the blast of his toxic malevolence. But, if you can believe it, today Rush may have jumped the shark yet again, with his vile mix of anti-abortion rhetoric, racial animus, sexism and blind hatred of President Obama. He blames the possible shutdown on Democrats’ choosing “dead babies” over our troops. Limbaugh, said “What’s a few dead babies between friends?”

The fight over the 2011 budget and the amount of cuts, has now largely been whittled down to the more than 80 ideological riders attached to the budget by Republicans who seek to severely weaken the EPA, defund health care reform and make it harder for women to receive reproductive health services. Specifically, the GOP is insisting on defunding Planned Parenthood, because of the abortion services that are offered, in addition to birth control, cancer screenings and pap smears. No federal funds are used to fund abortions, and abortion services represent a tiny, tiny percentage of the wide variety of reproductive health care offered to low income women.

It’s no longer about the numbers, it’s about imposing right-wing ideology on the rest of us.

Atrios summed it up best this morning. “The internets are telling me the Republicans are going to shut down the government because they don’t believe there should be any health care for lady parts,”  he wrote.

But Republicans won’t rest until abortions are impossible to get in this country. And Planned Parenthood is an easy target because they primarily serve poor young women.

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is being pressured by the radical tea party lawmakers to refuse to compromise at any cost, even if it means shutting down the government. So, that is the backstory, so to speak, to the current budget battle. And it has driven Limbaugh insane with venom and rage. He spent most of the afternoon hurling race-baiting attacks against President Obama, as documented by Media Matters.

Democrats chose a “clean, articulate black guy,” so they could “throw the racism charge,” said Limbaugh.

Limbaugh was just getting warmed up. He accused Obama of making our troops his “slaves,” because they would not be paid during a shutdown.

“It’s one thing to have to pick cotton, but to be forced to risk your life overseas without being paid, that’s the worst kind of forced labor,” said Limbaugh, adding Obama “has more in common with Jefferson Davis than he does with President Lincoln.”

Next on his menu of hate and venom: sexism and misogyny. Rush is furious that women are concerned about being deprived access to birth control services.

“We are supposed to pay in the event” she “did not close her legs,” sneered Rush.

Then came his take on the Planned Parenthood abortion controversy. Limbaugh suggested that President Obama was hoping the “dead babies” negotiations would end in time for his weekend vacation. He went on to compare a moratorium on oil drilling to abortion.

LIMBAUGH: But what it boils down to is— What’s a few dead babies between friends? Obama’s got no problems on drilling for oil, but he will not support a moratorium for drilling for babies. Remind me, who are the people hoping Republicans cave on a moratorium on abortion, so the Obamas can take their vacation?

Now that crazed conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck is leaving Fox News, our social discourse would also be better served if Rush Limbaugh retired from his poisonous perch.



2 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh’s Venom: ‘What’s a Few Dead Babies Between Friends?’”

  1. majii on April 10th, 2011 6:55 pm

    What floored me about the PP issue were the comments Sen. Kyl made that “90% of PP’s budget goes to providing abortions for women.” The actual figure is around 3%, but that didn’t stop Kyl. When Don Lemon of CNN called his office for clarification of his comment, his reply “took the cake.” His response was that his statement wasn’t meant to be “truthful” but to emphasize that PP spends the majority of its funds on abortion services.

    This is a U.S. Senator who stood on the floor of the Senate, told a blatant lie, and when he was challenged, admitted that he had LIED on purpose. What gets me is that many republican voters never do any substantive research on what their leader say, accept whatever they say as being the truth, and go on to repeat the lie ad infinitum. It would seem that when these lies being told by rw politicians have been exposed, their supporters would look askance at them, but they don’t. Instead, they defend them with extra exuberance.

  2. Sue on April 12th, 2011 8:03 am

    Hey Majii:

    Lying politicians depend on the media not calling them on it. They have figured out by now there are zero consequences to lying to the American public, especially in the “let’s hear both sides” style of “journalism” today. A bold faced lie is treated as the other side. But Kyl got caught peddling a whopper on the senate floor. Unfortunately, without all of the information out there on Planned Parenthood and pushback from Dems, during the budget fight, Kyl’s lie would have escaped notice.

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