Rand Paul’s Libertarian Paradise: ‘Tent City’ (Video)

April 18, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News)–Worlds away from the swanky and exclusive Bowling Green Country Club, where kooky libertarian Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ayn Rand fanboy held his senatorial victory party, lies a makeshift wilderness camp of hovels and hastily erected tents to keep out the cold. Locals in Paducah, Kentucky call it “Tent City.” The camp once inhabited by a small group of homeless men, has now mushroomed and become a refuge of last resort for needy families. The deep recession and high unemployment rate has strained local shelters and charity organizations, forcing them to turn homeless families away. The situation in Kentucky is so dire, that the Salvation Army has resorted to handing out tents to homeless families with directions to “Tent City.” Can’t you just smell the tea party freedom in the air? Welcome to Rand Paul’s version of a libertarian paradise, in which the poor and vulnerable are on their own and the wealthy are celebrating their greed and selfishness.

How could this happen in 21st century America? At a time when the poor and vulnerable need more government help, not less, Republican governors and lawmakers suddenly concerned with the federal deficit that they helped create under eight-years of the Bush administration, are slashing and burning through the social safety net, while awarding tax cuts to the rich. And the poor and unemployed are constantly demonized as welfare bums and freeloaders by Fox News and the right-wing, creating a cruel Dickensian narrative.

The result is “Tent City.” Rand Paul, an extremist libertarian, who believes we should roll back our Civil Rights protections to return to segregated lunch counters, must be proud.

WPSD Local 6 reports:

“With so many in need, and an increasing number of families homeless, there’s just not enough room at area shelters. It’s so bad, the Salvation Army has had to send families, one with three kids and a baby on the way, to live in the woods.

Johnny Adams, 19, and his fiance couldn’t believe what the Salvation Army told them. There is no place for them at shelters and only one option.

The River City Mission is the only local shelter accepting families but the couple must be married and most of the time, the family section of the mission is full.

That’s why the Salvation Army sends some families off with a tent and directions to “Tent City”.

“It’s definitely not appropriate but it’s better than sleeping out where it’s not safe,” said Sheila Downing with the Salvation Army.”

This is just the beginning. Rep. Rand Paul (R-WI), another radical Ayn Rand fanboy, released a draconian budget approved by the House Republicans, that will further dismantle New Deal reforms and our social safety net. Medicare would be destroyed, forcing our sick and elderly to find their own health insurance, using a paltry government voucher that would not begin to cover the rising costs. Medicaid would be drastically cut, leaving the poor, disabled and children without health care. And the elderly needing nursing homes would be thrown out on the street.

We are all cast as welfare freeloaders under Ryan’s cruel vision for America.

But don’t worry, the wealthy and Big Oil will be taken care of under Ryan’s plan with more tax cuts.

Watch the report on Rand Paul’s libertarian wet dream:

h/t Eschaton Blog


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