Creationist: Teaching Nazi Evolution Turns Kids Gay

April 22, 2011

(ChattahBox US News)—Creationists are very adept at putting on blinders, and ignoring inconvenient facts that disprove their whacked out belief that the earth is only 6,000 years old. If a bunch of fundamentalist Christians want to reject the theory of evolution and live their lives in an alternate reality, that’s their right. But this anti-science movement is dangerously becoming mainstreamed by right-wing Republicans. And cranks, such as Tom DeRosa, founder of the Creation Studies Institute, is blaming Darwinism for just about everything in society he doesn’t approve of, including homosexuality. In an anti-evolution/anti-gay screed on his website, he warns that “the rampant teaching of evolution in our schools,” leads to homosexual indoctrination.These are the same Godless tactics used by the Nazis DeRosa warns. He fearmongers that teaching evolution is a straight path to “tolerance” for the dreaded “gay agenda.” And from there, there is a slippery slope that leads directly to “polygamy or pedophilia,” and even–gasp–“radical environmentalism.”

DeRosa has been peddling his creationist Jesus rode on a dinosaur nonsense for years. “It’s all part of a secular agenda to rid our society of biblical morality and God Himself,” he writes of Darwinism.

DeRosa describes the mission of the Creation Studies Institute, as developing strategies “to combat the dogmatic teaching of evolution in public schools by exposing the brainwashing, censorship, and deception that is taking place.”

He also runs a creationist museum in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to provide (indoctrinate) homeschoolers with “biblically sound educational materials and curriculum.”

Read portions of DeRosa’s teaching evolution turns our kids gay rant below, as reported by Right Wing Watch:

“Those who hold godless ideologies have long understood that the best way to transform societies and change the way people traditionally think is by indoctrinating children from the earliest stages of education. In the last century, this methodology was effectively employed by those who held the atheistic ideologies of Nazism in Germany and Communism in countries such as the Soviet Union, where the state assumed total control of the educational system—even to the extent of turning children against parents. Of course, both of these worldviews fully embraced Darwinian evolution as a way to justify their actions and nullify the beliefs of their largely Christian populations. While U.S. federal government does not have that kind of authority in our school system (not yet, anyway), is it any wonder that those who lack a biblical worldview in our country, including those with a gay agenda, have seized upon our primary schools as the main vehicle of transforming our nation more to their liking?”

“In America, the adoption of evolution in our schools has paved the way for the introduction of the gay agenda. Those pushing it understand that nothing will more thoroughly and quickly undermine the traditional biblical foundations of our country than the normalization of homosexuality among our nation’s school children, regardless of their parents’ beliefs.” […]

“From the patriarchal days of Sodom and Gomorrah to the Law of Moses to the New Testament, God’s Word consistently declares that homosexuality is sin and warns of the condemnation it brings to the individuals who practice it and to societies that promote it. Indeed, the rampant teaching of evolution in our schools that is effectively undermining belief in God and absolute moral standards is not only creating an atmosphere of “tolerance” for homosexuality, but for just about anything. As the truism goes, “Without God, everything is permissible.” So, in reality, there’s nothing to prevent the same rationale being used today to justify homosexuality and homosexual marriage from being used tomorrow to sanction polygamy or pedophilia or… As one very honest evolutionist wrote a while back (a piece that quickly disappeared from public view), if evolution is true, then rape is a very valid and/or efficient way for a man to spread his genes. After all, why not? It’s the survival of the fittest. Of course, in a purely evolutionary world, homosexuals would naturally be bred out of existence, as well. But you won’t hear that from pro-evolution advocates.”

Now, that my friends, is some crazy shit.

Photo Source: Website/Creation Studies Institute Discovery Museum.


One Response to “Creationist: Teaching Nazi Evolution Turns Kids Gay”

  1. majii on April 24th, 2011 5:37 pm

    He appears to be ignorant about science and what goes on in science classrooms! Science teachers teach evolution according to state curricula and textbook standards. I’ve never been in a science teacher’s classroom when he/she was teaching evolution and heard anyone talk about a connection between evolution and polygamy , evolution and pedophilia, and/or evolution and homosexuality. We had to visit other teachers’ classrooms to get new ideas for teaching techniques, and although I visited many science classrooms over a period of years, I never saw what he is alluding to happen in any of them. If its polygamy he’s afraid of, some religious sects already have that covered, and if it’s pedophilia and/or homosexuality he’s worried about, some religious sects already have that covered, too. Something tells me he is protesting about imaginary things happening a bit too much.

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