Okla. GOPer Blames Media for Remarks That Blacks are Lazy Good-for-Nothings

April 29, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News)—Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern (R), a crank right-wing extremist known for her vicious anti-gay hate, once comparing homosexuality to “toe cancer,” is now setting her sights on the lazy blacks. During a floor speech, in which she was voicing her support for the repeal of state Affirmative Action protections, she went on a tirade against black people who don’t work as hard as whites, because they expect the government to take care of them. Kern also chided women for expecting equal pay, because “women usually don’t want to work as hard as a man.” After her racist remarks received national media coverage, Kern issued an apology, blaming the media for taking her ‘”words or sentences’ out of the total context of a speech…” However, her prejudices and disdain for African-Americans couldn’t have been clearer.  Despite calls for her resignation from Democratic lawmakers and the NAACP, Republican leadership is standing firmly behind Kern. The same leadership that just passed a birther bill. Racism, bigotry, discrimination, rank ignorance; just another ordinary day for Sally Kern and the Oklahoma GOP. Kern began her attack on black people, by pointing out that a majority of inmates in prison are black. Of course she had a theory for the racial makeup of the state’s prisons.

KERN: But the other side of the story, perhaps this is something we need to consider: is this just because they are black that they’re in prison or because they don’t want to work hard in school? … I’ve taught school for twenty years, and I saw a lot of people of color who didn’t want to work as hard, they wanted it given to them. As a matter of fact I had one student who said, “I don’t need to study, you know why? Because the government is gonna care of me.” That’s kind of revealing there.

Kern also took on those whiny women who expect equal pay and opportunity in the workplace. She reasoned that because some women have family obligations, and they “aren’t willing to commit all their life to a job like a lot of men do,” they should just shut up and be happy with what they get. She added that “Women like to be willing to have a moderate work life with plenty of time for spouse and children and other things like that…”

Her apology was typical. Kern blamed the media for reporting on her ugliness. And she said she couldn’t possibly be a racist, because “my husband and I serve in an inner city church ministering to people of every race because we love all people.” In other words, she has black friends.

“I want to humbly apologize for any statements last night about women and African Americans. My words were, obviously, not spoken correctly and for that I humbly apologize. Unfortunately, when we take “words or sentences” out of the total context of a speech debated on the floor, there can be false misrepresentations, but the most important part is to always go to the heart of the matter,” said Kern in her written statement. […]

“We live in a sound bite society and our media likes to take only a portion of a dialog and use just a slice of it. You can take a portion of something someone says and make it say anything you want it to say. Without a doubt, what I said was poorly stated and did not convey the meaning I wanted to get across for this I am truly sorry and humbly apologize,” Kern added.

Republican House Speaker Kris Steele is satisfied with Kern’s apology, such as it is, and is refusing to reprimand her. And tomorrow, Kern will continue with her disgraceful antics.

Some of Kern’s lowlights over the years:

In 2008, she delivered a speech to a group of supporters, fearmongering against the dreaded homosexual agenda that she said was more of a threat than terrorism. “I honestly thing it’s the biggest threat our nation has, even more so, than terrorism or Islam,” she said. Kern also warned that two-year olds were being brainwashed by the government with homosexual “indoctrination.”

In 2009, Kern issued a bizarre “Proclamation for Morality, in which she blamed the economic crisis on President Obama, same-sex marriage and “and many other forms of debauchery.”

In 2008, she said she was called by God to work as a “cultural warrior” in Oklahoma.

Apparently, part of her duties as a wingnut cultural warrior is to sponsor bills forcing teachers to question evolution and global warming in the classroom.

Kern also is also known for packing heat and attempting to enter the Capitol building with her gun. After being caught a second time for carrying a handgun into the Capitol, soon after making her anti-gay remarks, she said she just forgot, again.  “It has nothing to do with the homosexual situation and I’m just sorry that I forgot to take it out,” she said.

Gotta love the Sooner state.


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