Trump: It’s ‘Bad for the Country’ to Criticize ‘a Very Successful Person’ Like Me (Video)

May 11, 2011

(ChattahBox Political News)—Reality TV star and all around braggart Donald Trump, has spent the last several weeks peddling vile race-baiting falsehoods attacking the legitimacy of our first black president. After President Obama neatly trumped the “Carnival Barker,” by releasing his long-form birth certificate from Hawaii, Trump was shown to be the utter fool that he is. His racist birtherism, and questioning of Obama’s ability to get into Harvard on his own, no longer served as catnip for cable news, except on Fox News that is. As he makes the necessary moves to extricate himself from his fake presidential campaign, Trump phoned in to Fox News’ On the Record last night to whine about the media having the gall to criticize the very “successful person” of Donald Trump; the king of deal makers. Trump actually said “it’s very bad for the country,” to bash “accomplished” media whores staging fake presidential campaigns to gain publicity for a reality TV show. No, really.

Trump made his remarks to fill-in host Martha MacCallum. When asked to respond to all of the “hammering” he has been receiving in the media for promoting despicable birther conspiracy theories, Trump suggested that “very successful” business moguls like himself, should be immune from criticism.

TRUMP: I’ve heard for years that if you’re a very successful person who’s done a lot, made lots of deals, good deals, fair deals, put a lot of people to work. You cannot run for high political office, in particular the presidency. […]

MACCALLUM: …You know, when you go home at night and you talk to your wife and you think about all this, how does get — this hammering, in your words, how does that get factored into the decision?

TRUMP: Well, I think it’s very bad for the country. And it doesn’t affect my decision because I think I have a pretty thick skin. But I think it’s very bad for the country because the kind of people — and I’m not talking about myself, I’m talking about generally speaking. The kind of person you need to run this country has to be somebody that really has accomplished a lot because he’s got to accomplish — he or she has to accomplish a lot for the country. …

Not only should Masters of the Universe be exempt from scrutiny, Trump reasoned that because of the constant media hammering he received, after he demanded that the President of the United States show his papers, his success is a two-edged sword. The country needs a “very successful person,” but at the same time, he may have to end his fake White House bid, just like Ross Perot did, because “very successful” people are unfairly hammered by the media.

In other words, Trump has found his out. The media won’t allow him to run for president, because he’s way too smart, rich and successful.

Trump: But I have heard over a lifetime that if you have really accomplished a lot, and done a lot you can’t run for high political office. And I can see now why Ross Perot dropped out. You know, he dropped out of he race and then went back in a week later, but he dropped out of the race. And I heard from the people involved that he was just getting hammered because he did a lot, he did a lot of deals, a lot of everything. …

Meanwhile, Trump’s poll numbers are dropping like a stone. A poll conducted by Public Policy Polling found that in just four weeks, Trump went from the top of the presidential ticket at 26 percent to fifth place at 8 percent. “Donald Trump has had one of the quickest rises and falls in the history of Presidential politics,” according to the PPP blog.


Photo Source:Gage Skidmore/Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution.


One Response to “Trump: It’s ‘Bad for the Country’ to Criticize ‘a Very Successful Person’ Like Me (Video)”

  1. majii on May 12th, 2011 6:55 pm

    Gee, Donald,

    That shoe you tried to force onto President Obama’s foot kinda pinches quite a bit, doesn’t it?

    The Chump is truly a doofus with an over-inflated opinion of himself. By anyone’s standards, President Obama is a more successful person than the Chump, but it didn’t keep the Chump from playing his obnoxious games. BTW, his show has not yet been approved for renewal next year.

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