Russia, Dictator Hugo Chavez Team Up to Taunt the U.S.

March 14, 2009

(ChattahBox)–Interfax, a Russian news agency stirred up an international firestorm today with its report that Venezuela’s megalomaniac dictator, Hugo Chavez, offered Russia’s Air Force the use of a whole island to park its long range strategic bombers. The Russian military for its part, is playing coy coming out with statements that it is only a hypothetical discussion with no real plans to base bombers in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez for his part has shown in the past that he loves using his bully pulpit to taunt the U.S., referring to the United States at a 2006 UN conference as…”the biggest menace to our planet.”

Russian Maj. Gen. Anatoly Zhikharev also let slip in the Interfax news piece that U.S. Foe, Cuba could also be used to base Russian bombers, without signifying any real plans to do any such thing. It seems the Russians are teaming up with tin pot dictator, clown, Hugo Chavez to engage in a little saber rattling. This writer doesn’t expect Barak Obama to take the bait.

Still, this development certainly is worrisome. Russian bombers did in fact, land in Venezuela last year, something that has not occurred since the Cold War. Russia and the U.S. have been at odds since Russia’s invasion of the Republic of Georgia and the appearance of U.S. ships on the Black Sea, a little too close for comfort for the Russians. Bush and His team of state department clueless minions never missed an opportunity to paint Chavez as an evil dictator, playing right into Chavez’s hands.

Chavez is famous for his over-the top responses to any mention by the U.S. referencing him as a dangerous dictator. During one of his rambling national radio broadcasts, Chavez once said of Bush: “You’re an alcoholic Mr. Danger, or rather, you’re a drunkard,” Most famously, at a UN conference after Bush left the podium, Chavez said: “The devil came right here… And it still smells of sulfur today.”

New U.S. President Barak Obama has made public statements since his inauguration signaling a willingness to enter into a dialogue with the Venezuelan Strongman, but Chavez can’t help reverting to the old Bush days, when he frequently taunted Bush and Condoleeza Rice, and to his delight, they often took the bait.

When Obama recently, publicly stated that Chavez supported Colombian terror groups, Chavez shot back saying in a Venezuelan television interview: “Obama has “the same stench” as Bush.” It seems Chavez just can’t help stirring the international pot and is taking advantage of the cooling relationship between the U. S. and Russia in recent years.

Russia it seems is using Chavez’s willingness to stick it to the United States at every opportunity, by publicly coming out with Chavez’s offer of an airbase. The Russian military’s mention of Cuba as an airbase possibility also reeks of an attention grabber, perhaps as a prelude to wrestle some concessions from the United States in future talks.


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