British Auction House to Sell Hitler’s Paintings: Owner Hides Identity

March 25, 2009

(ChattahBox)—A report out today, of a British auction house set to auction off 13 early works painted by Hitler, the Nazi dictator synonymous with the face of evil and responsible for the deaths of millions, including the genocide of six million Jews. Mullock Madeley, the auction house selling the paintings on April 23, is a frequent purveyor of Hitler’s paintings. Jewish leaders protested a Mullock’s auction in 2005 of a signed piece by Hitler, due to be auctioned off a week after the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, where millions of Jews were murdered and subjected to atrocities by the Nazis. The auction house removed the Hitler work from its auction and sold it privately.

The 13 paintings created when Hitler was in Vienna from 1909 to 1914, include a self-portrait, without a nose or mouth, sitting on a stone bridge, with a cross and the initials AH painted above his figure. The auction house says self-portraits of the Nazi dictator are rare. Other pieces include rural landscapes and watercolors of farms, a thatched cottage, rivers and flowers.

An unidentified owner is selling the 13 Hitler paintings, who is said to have secreted them away since the end of World War II, after buying them from a British soldier who discovered them during Germany’s liberation. It was common for soldiers and others involved in the liberation, at that time, to help themselves to war bounty loot. For years since, hundreds of paintings and drawings said to be painted by Hitler have found their way to various auction houses around the world. Even the online auction site, eBay, deals in a brisk Hitler memorabilia business.

The failed Nazi dictator Hitler, who committed suicide in his Berlin bunker as allied forces arrived to liberate the city, was a frustrated artist who created nearly one thousand postcards, posters, oil and watercolors during his lifetime. When Hitler was twenty-one years old, he was twice denied admittance, into the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He was told he had no talent. Hitler remained in Vienna, living on the streets, selling his postcard paintings of tourist sites and fervently reading anti-Semitic literature, which was readily available at the time.

Critics of the sale of the notorious Nazi’s paintings in reputable auction houses, say their sale promotes the dangerous nationalism and hate and evil of Hitler, and may even set off a new wave of Neo-Nazism. Germany bans all Hitler paintings in its country, as well as swastikas, and Hitler’s manuscript of evil, Mein Kampf.

Mullock Madeley defends the sale of Hitler’s paintings as historical documents that military collectors are keenly interested in acquiring, especially any works signed by the Nazi dictator. Mullock’s expects lots of interest in these 13 bucolic scenes painted by Hitler as a youth in Vienna, before he was completely transformed into a monster who massacred millions.

One has to wonder who the unidentified owner is, who has stored away these paintings of an evil madman all these years. Additionally, what do the buyers of Hitler paintings do with them? Do they hang their precious collection to evil on their living room walls?


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