Sudden Deaths Of 378 In Sri Lanka Point To Cleansing

May 10, 2009

Sri Lanka (ChattahBox) – A shocking 378 deaths (over 100 of which are children), and more then 1,100 injuries have been reported over a 24-hour period, and reports seem to indicate that it is the work of the local military.

While reporters and other outside agencies are no allowed within the war zone, and so have no first hand information to go on, there is a stream of information flowing freely from the area. According to sources within the city, the Sri Lanka army began shelling down citizens early Saturday morning, and has continued the killing ever since.

All deaths have been within a government appointed ‘safe zone’, where citizens have gathered to escape the many conflicts between the army and militant rebels. More than 15,000 civilians live in that zone, sparking fears of a much wider extermination.

But government officials say that the information that it is the army’s doing is misinformation by the Tamil Tigers, a radical terrorist group that has been at war with the Sri Lankan army for years.

Locals say this is untrue, and that it is the army walking through the streets, killing civilians. So far, the body count is rapidly rising.


2 Responses to “Sudden Deaths Of 378 In Sri Lanka Point To Cleansing”

  1. sam on May 10th, 2009 10:28 am

    before writtig a headline like this, educate yur self to the situation. All the SL government is interested in is catching the LTTE leader. The LTTE are terrorists they kill their own people and then blame it on others in this case the SL army. They have spent quater of a century killing all the best tamil acedemics, business leaders and politicians. It is no surporise that Tamils and hardly existint in the police force or Army. I have a Tamil firend who was in the SL army. He had to leave the country when he left the army because the LTTE wanted to kill him too.

    The LTTE are keeping thousands of people hostage … whats that about…. Haven’t we in the west suffered enough from terrorist actions… . Terrorism is terrorism we must see beyond the LTTE PR engine and get rid of terrorism.. in this case in the form of the LTTE for good.

    Next time THINK before you make such allegations.

  2. olivia on May 10th, 2009 10:44 am

    Sam: It is not me making the allegation. This is a report coming from the territory, plain and simple. If you read other reports from other news sources, such as the NY Times, BBC, Washington Post, ect., you would get the same story, because it is what the evidence so far suggests.

    There is NO justification for eradicating your own people. This killing is being done in a civilian safe zone, and all reports state that it is the military, not the LTTE. If reports begin coming in stating otherwise, I will report it.

    Otherwise, personal feelings aside about terrorism, I am here to write about the news, not to get into a debate about how horrible the Tamil Tigers are, or about the 70,000 so far killed in the conflict between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan army.

    THINK, yourself, please.

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