Mandatory Castration, Heavier Sentences, For Poland Pedophiles

September 28, 2009

Poland (ChattahBox) – A new Polish law has been passed that would increase the prison time spent by pedophiles, and make chemical castration mandatory for anyone charged with raping children under the age of 15, or a close family member.

The laws officially make Poland the most strict against pedophilia in Europe, but human rights groups say that the mandatory castration is going too far.

“Introducing any mandatory treatment raises doubts as such a requirement is never reasonable and life can always produce cases that lawmakers could never have even dreamt of,” Piotr Kladoczny, of the Helsinki Foundation of Human Rights, was quoted as saying.

“If somebody is of sound mind, we punish him. If he is sick, we try to cure him — that’s how it works in Polish law. “

However. Prime Minister Donald Tusk has said that you cannot “use the term ‘human’ for such individuals, such creatures.”

“Therefore I don’t think protection of human rights should refer to these kind of events,” he said in a statement.

The law is set to be voted on in parliament, but it is largely symbolic, as Turk’s party holds more than a great deal of the majority.



3 Responses to “Mandatory Castration, Heavier Sentences, For Poland Pedophiles”

  1. M on September 28th, 2009 5:26 pm

    My god, what’s happened to us?

    Replace “pedophiles” with “homosexuals” and our society has completely reverted to the 1800’s. The UK just apologized for castrating Alan Turing, and here we are doing it all over again. Our great grandchildren will be ashamed of us. People are people. A sexual preference is a sexual preference. These people need understanding, not castration.

  2. olivia on September 28th, 2009 8:01 pm

    M – While I don’t believe mandatory chemical castration would solve anything, your disgusting comparison of pedophilia and homosexuality is shocking in the extreme.

    Pedophiles are not just acting out a sexual preference, they are victimizing helpless children. Children, who are not old enough to consent. Children, who studies have shown again and again are scarred and damaged because of the actions of pedophiles who molest and rape them.

    Homosexuals are people who have consenting relationships with other consenting adults, or teens having relationships with age appropriate teens. THAT is a sexual preference. Pedophilia is not, not even if you feel the need to wax philosophical in order to make the point that pedophiles have been trying to make for years.

    Shame on you, for endorsing criminal behavior in the name of ‘preference’.

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