Peruvian Human Fat Vampire Killers a Hoax

December 3, 2009

(ChattahBox)—Last month an ancient Peruvian myth of a white vampire-like bogeyman, called a Pishtaco exploded from the realm of fantasy into reality, when four people were arrested for murdering dozens of people, draining their body fat and then selling it to cosmetic companies for miracle anti-aging creams. The bizarre murders sure made for a gruesome tale, which captured the attention of the international press for several weeks.

The Peruvian police, obtained a taped “confession” from one of the fat killers and they even convened a campy and macabre press conference, displaying two coke bottles supposedly filled with human fat said, to be worth thousands of dollars on the black market. But, it apparently was all a hoax perpetrated by police officers to cover up the illegal killings of nearly 50 criminal suspects.

The Peruvian police officers involved in fabricating the elaborate hoax only had to peruse a few history books to discover details about the Pishtaco, a folklore figure who murders Peruvians on lonely roads and often steals their precious body fat. Plumpness and excess body fat is prized in the Andes, as a symbol of good health.

And Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa, wrote a book featuring the legend of the Pishtacos in 1996, entitled “Death in the Andes,” that no doubt also provided inspiration for the made-up tale of deranged vampire-like fat killers on the loose in Peru. Vargas Llosa noted in his book that Pishtacos are ghoul-like creatures who lurk in isolated caves and suck the fat out of people. Andean myths say that the fat is used to make soaps and cosmetic lotions.

So, the police officers in question who were anxious to cover up dozens of murders, invoked the myth of a creepy mythical vampire who had a taste for human fat.

And the police officers were quite descriptive. They told reporters that the victims were targeted on remote roads and lured with the promise of a job to a hut in the jungle. The victims were then bludgeoned to death and their heads, arms and legs were cut off, according to the police. Their internal organs were discarded and then candles were placed underneath the bodies to melt the fat, which dripped into containers, presumably plastic coke bottles.

Many questioned the story from the beginning, because there is no market for human body fat. And the organs would be worth millions on the black market, but they were discarded according to the police.

Now, Peru’s police chief has fired General Felix Murga, who apparently engineered the arrests of the four alleged fat killers and taped the fake confession last month. The police chief now believes that only one of the arrested fat killers is guilty of murder. And that the killing is linked to the cocaine trade.

The fat in the coke bottles may have been used as a stunt to intimidate rivals in the drug trade.

Photo Source: AP


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