Amanda Knox in Jail for 26 Years and Family Facing Financial Ruin

December 5, 2009

(ChattahBox)—- The strange Italian trial of American student Amanda Knox, 22, for the rape and murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, 22 ended yesterday, shortly after Midnight, when the jury returned a guilty verdict and a sentence of 26 years in prison. Knox’s Italian boyfriend Rafael Sollecito, 25, was also found guilty and sentenced to 25 years. Knox and her family say she is innocent and that she was convicted on flawed and shaky evidence. Now, the Knox family has to contend with the prospect of their daughter remaining in an Italian prison for the next 26 years.

And with the expenses from the trial, a civil suit brought by the victim’s family and a hefty compensation payment ordered by the court; the family faces financial ruin.

Besides the prison sentence, the Italian court in Perugia ordered that both Knox and Sollecito pay the Kercher Family , with one million Euros to her father, one million euros to her mother and 800,000 euros to each of her three siblings.

Also, Knox must pay 40,000 Euros for libel to Patrick Lumumba, who was initially blamed for the crime by Knox and a 25,000 Euro payment to the owner of the Villa where the murder took place. The Kercher family is also suing Knox for £20 million. The total payments to the Kercher family in compensation for their daughter’ s murder, add up to about $6.5 million.

Knox’s family, stepmother Cassandra and father Kurt Knox, her mother Edda Mellas, stepsisters Ashley and Delaney and Amanda’s sister Deanna Knox, were all on hand as the verdict was read yesterday during an emotional scene.

The Knox family already has spent more than $1 million in hiring a legal team and keeping a family member in Italy to visit with Amanda.

Amanda Knox’s mother Edda Mellas, father Kurt Knox and her 72-year-old grandmother Elizabeth Huff have all re-mortgaged their homes.

The Knox’s credit cards are “maxed out” and they may have to sell their homes to pay for an appeal.

When asked how he will pay for an appeal and to keep a family member in Italy, Kurt Knox said, “We’ll figure it out. She will not be left here.”

Francesco Maresca, the attorney representing the Kercher family said, the family was satisfied with the verdict. “The sentence brings justice to what has been a tragedy for the Kercher family,” said Maresca.

On Saturday, Amanda Knox’s family were allowed to visit her in Capanne prison, where she is being kept under strict surveillance.


4 Responses to “Amanda Knox in Jail for 26 Years and Family Facing Financial Ruin”

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  2. Lisa on December 7th, 2009 1:45 pm

    If she is innocent then I’m sorry for her and her family. If she is guilty then she needs to do the time. She should have gotten life if she is. What about the girl who is dead and her family? At least Amanda got a chance to live. The girl is dead. If it was the other way around, that an American was killed it would have been a different thing. Everyone would think that the accused was guilty. But as soon as an American is accused then everyone think she is innocent. AMERICAN THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND U.

  3. Steve B on December 8th, 2009 9:42 am

    As an American who speaks Italian and lived in Italy for over four years Attorney Judy Bachrach condemned this decision. She mentions the fact that anyone accused over there, especially immigrants, has to overcome the adverse publicity ot the Italian tabloids. The prosecutor is presently under review by their Bar Associatiion for “Judicial misconduct” but twas allowed to conduct this trial anyway. Ms. Knox’ lifestyle also played a major role as the small town she studied in was not as sophisticated as is the larger cities when dealing with sexual promiscuity, illiciat drug use and the role played by the black African murderer in this sordid affair.

  4. Sam small on August 27th, 2010 1:20 am

    Shes innocent thats all there is to be said now i wont say shes not a smart girl but shes not a freaking criminal genius there was absolutely not a single piece or even inkling of evidence that pointed to her even a little bit no scratches no fingerprints nothing now as i said earlier shes a smart girl but riddle me this if you will where are her prints on the knife where is the scratches on her body where despite if you get your throat slit will still not die for a few good seconds in those seconds the adrenaline rush would have caused the girl to atleast scratch and attack her roommate or said girl who is accused even if the girl only lived a few seconds she still would have tried to strike even and im just taking a wild guess here the angle of said wound on the young womans neck was it made by someone who is right handed or left handed it makes a difference to anyone who knows anything of knives in the world of criminal and forensic comparison what hand does she use give her a simple writing sample to do simply and see which she best writes with it may not have the same effect as handing her a knife mind you but hand writing analysis can be compared with said knife wound and tell you with atleast an 85 to 90% probability to say as to whether she did or did not use the knife now that ive done so much talking i only have one last true question which is the most simple of all and its this -ahem- *clears throat* where are the results from her polygraph test thats what i want to know all of this could come to a close and this whole trial end with that one little question on a polygraph nothing complex just as always as is tradition for polygraphs a simple yes or no answer “did you kill your friend yes or no?” thats it just one little thing thats all it takes to tip this rediculous scale that apparently the i wont say which but (athorities) have failed to act apon and call this a fair and respectable criminal trial….that young woman that you call a convict rightnow is trying to be strong for her family but each day she is in jail another part of her mind her heart her soul and even her faith die and she slips further into darkness a place of darkness that only your mind can take you and that darkness eats at you and breaks you until one day you actually believe that you are this monster they accuse you of beingand you snap you can call it what you will psychotic break multiple personality disorder schitzophrinia it doesent matter which way you call it the damage will be and possibly is already done im not presuming to tell the law how to do their job i wouldnt dream of it but i dont think a young woman should have to live in hell itself for 26 years give her the polygraph and let truth outweigh this rediculous legal battle and prove once and for all if this young woman truly is or is not the monster you (athorities) accuse her of being and that is all i will say about that i am annonomous but i am someone who cares and believes i can make a difference

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