Chavez, Uribe In Not-So-Diplomatic Shouting Match

February 23, 2010

Mexico (ChattahBox) During a summit in Mexico meant to fortify unity between the Latin nations, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe were feeling less than diplomatic.

The two began arguing over trade agreements, and it soon escalated into a shouting match when Chavez accused Uribe of planning his assassination.

Uribe allegedly began shouting at him to “be a man”, calling him a coward who is afraid to speak accept at a distance.

In the end it was Cuba’s Raul Castro who stepped in.

“How is it possible that we’re fighting at a summit intended to unite Latin American and Caribbean countries?” he is quoted as telling the two men.



3 Responses to “Chavez, Uribe In Not-So-Diplomatic Shouting Match”

  1. Dave on February 23rd, 2010 11:54 pm

    Chavez really is a coward! Another thing he likes to do when he feels trapped is to say that his opponent in an argument is planning to attack him in some way. He even said that about Bush. And as we all know Bush had many other concerns that did NOT include Hugo. Chavez, to Bush was as important as a fly on the wall.

    Wow Castro (Fidel’s brother) actually said something that made sense. He actually tried to bring unity while Chavez as, ALWAYS brought division. It’s sad to know that so many left wing wackos think Chavez is actually doing good in Latin America.

  2. 1pissedvzlan on February 27th, 2010 8:19 pm

    Chavez only represents one people and one people only; “HIMSELF” he does not give a rat’s ass about the Venezuelan community. He’d managed to ruin an entire country in just a decade, in just 10 years….imagine that. In whose name? SIMON BOLIVAR’S. Imagine what our country will look like if we let this fat fuck sit as a ruler for a lifetime, another Cuba?
    SIMON BOLIVAR; that name ALONE represents freedom of everything we have come to know from our history.
    Now, Chavez dares to use his name as the slogan for his campaign THE BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION, ask yourselves the question; Revolution against whom??? Who is invading us? Do we know of any country with such purpose?
    We have enjoyed freedom since the dawn of Marcos Perez Jimenez back in the 50s, not only but 60 years passed and now are we going back to the way of the Dodo?
    Chavez is telling us when to shower, when to take a dump, when and what to eat. You can’t have this or that commodity is against my laws. It is just like Ramses telling Moses and the Hebrew slaves; now make bricks without straw.
    People who tilted the land and raised cattle are now bare; their crops burned, cattle slaughtered and lands taken and stripped away from them, in whose name? Oh yes ….SIMON BOLIVAR!!!!! Over and over and over all over again. As a result, we don’t even produce a grain of something to put food in our table; we have to import and eat what’s available at an increased cost. Is that the BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION Chavez is so proud of???
    My dear Venezuelan people, THAT’S THE BEST MIND FUCK YET, and if we don’t wake up now, Venezuela will have absolutely no future to speak thereof.
    Chavez managed to ridicule the Venezuelan image in a global scale; the idiot can’t stop making a fool of himself anywhere he goes. THE FAT COW,… ES UN BOCON Y UN COBARDE just like Uribe said.
    They want to kill me, the want to poison me, “Chavez says” Oh…well…duh fat fuck, why would someone want to do something like that????
    His entire cabinet of funny followers and his SORRY FAT ASS should be displayed in a major plaza, their trousers taken down and sticks of dynamite shoved up the assholes, light a match and then………… enjoy freedom for years to come. Good bye Hitler, Good Bye Stalling, Good bye Mussolini, Good bye Hussein, GOOD BYE FAT FUCK.

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