Cuts Leads To Athens Riots As Deficit Increases

March 5, 2010

Greece (ChattahBox) – Bankruptcy is looming for Greece, and in response the government is arguing major cuts and tax increases, which have caused major rioting in Athens.

The measures are an attempt to reign in the massive debt from various financial setbacks over the last few years.

The newest proposition would see steep hikes in sales, tobacco and alcohol taxes, as well as cuts in pension funds and salary drops by as much as 8%.

The policy was being argued today in parliament, and sparked violent riots in the streets.

Youths in masks threw stones at police and guards, and tried to storm several government buildings.

This comes a day after Germany suggested Greece should sell some of its’ uninhabited islands to close the gap in funding.



3 Responses to “Cuts Leads To Athens Riots As Deficit Increases”

  1. r beadle on March 5th, 2010 3:13 pm

    i sympathise with the people of Greece , i feel the people are being victimized and suffering for the corrupt government , i don’t think all the blame should be pup on the government . i think the real engineers of Greece’s economy is the private central banks , as they control the economy by supply of credit . these private central banks can manipulate economies and influence decisions made by politicians . the banks have a conflict of interest usually 30-40% and by bankrupting a country by cutting off credit , they can simply buy up that countries assets at rock bottom . its theft by deception . although i don’t agree with violence sometimes its the only resort and last resort . what do governments do like the usa when dialog fail ? they go in all guns blazing and take over the country .

  2. r beadle on March 5th, 2010 3:19 pm

    there’s nothing democratic about private central banks who charge 30-40% interest on government lending . these banks are not answerable to an electorate as they are private businesses . you must stand firm and don’t bend to the tyranny of the private banks . without the peoples cooperation the banks cannot survive . you must use peaceful demonstration only otherwise they will be trouble . do not give greece to any nation , greece belongs to the greeks .

  3. Blah on March 5th, 2010 5:09 pm

    Maybe we should sell Rhode Island or a similar small state to the Chinese since they have us by the balls(US deficit at $13.5 trillion plus huse trade deficit). Better yet stop outsourcing and stop the fleecing of America. Most speculators(aka Wall Street) should stop bi*ching about Greece or EU and take a look at the own mess. Brits should do the same since their debt for 2010 will hit 13.5 of GDP.

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