Sinead O’Connor Rails Against Catholic Church: Burn it Down

March 6, 2010

(ChattahBox)—Outspoken Irish singer Sinead O’Connor once furiously tore up a photo of the late Pope John Paul II during an appearance on Saturday Night Live. And her relationship with the Catholic Church has only gone downhill since. The recent release of the Murphy Commission Report detailing decades of sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests in Ireland, which the Vatican covered up, has sent shock waves throughout the Dublin archdiocese. And Denis Brennan, Catholic Bishop of Ferns, decided to ask parishioners to contribute towards the cost of millions dollars of settlements the church was forced to pay to the victims of clerical abuse, by declaring it was their Christian responsibility. Sinead O’Connor was outraged by his request for money from the same families who were victimized.  And she wrote a scathing open letter to several Irish newspapers condemning Bishop Brennan and the entire Catholic Church, saying his request was “evil.” She also said the Vatican should be burned to the ground.

Bishop Brennan caused a furor in Dublin when he insisted that parishioners had a Christian duty to pay for the costs of victims’ lawsuits. “That ‘I did not cause the problem’ is not the response of the Christian,” Bishop Brennan said. “That I would like to help in the work of justice, healing, reconciliation, a safer environment for children, proper financial stewardship and overall good economic health is the response of the Christian.”

O’Connor’s letter said that the “church should pay its own bills for its own abuse with its own billions that it throttled from our grandparents, whom it also abused, physically, emotionally, psychologically and sexually.” And she condemned both the Catholic Church and Brennan, as evil:

“The statement and its attempted manipulation of good Catholic people could be described as unbelievable and stupid. But in my opinion, the only word that does it justice is ‘evil’. How long do they expect us to restrain ourselves? We have put up with this bull dung for hundreds of years.”

O’Connor ended her rant by saying that Jesus would not approve of today’s Catholic Church and she would gladly help him destroy it:

“From the Pope on down, through the Vatican and therefore through the lower echelons, the whole organisation, in my belief, is utterly anti-Christian and evil, as proven by centuries of torture, bloodshed, burnings, terrorism, and coverings-up of “the worst crime” known to man. And if Jesus Christ is to be seen in the vulnerable of this world, then all the church has done is crucify the man over and over and over again. If Christ was here, he would be burning down the Vatican. And I for one would be helping him.”


3 Responses to “Sinead O’Connor Rails Against Catholic Church: Burn it Down”

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  2. jacob on March 7th, 2010 11:47 pm

    I hope she doesn’t means it.

    Evil deeds like arson are doubled with an evil word and threat, says Shakespeare. I am thinking of CA arsons, the intentional forest fires set in CA that destroyed so many houses and peoples’ lives. Arson is evil. Sinead seems to want to beget more evil with the abuse evil in the world.

    Pope John Paul II was shot a while ago. Maybe that will be her next evil word: shoot the pope, after burning St. Peters.

  3. peter1589 on October 16th, 2010 10:02 pm

    Errrrmmm …. Sinead? Tell us how you REALLY feel, why doncha?

    Meanwhile, what about commenting on the 100 million killed by atheistic communism during the 20th century. Got a spin on that?

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