100,000 Strong In Japan Protesting US Military Base

April 25, 2010

Japan (ChattahBox) – More than 100,000 protesters gathered in Okinawa this week, demanding the removal of a massive United State military base set to be moved to the central point of the island.

The base, which houses 47,000 American troops, has long since been a matter of anger for the Japanese people.

Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama was elected mainly based on his promise to remove the base by May of this year, but has since distanced himself from the promise.

The action has led much of his support base to flee, with his popularity in the island region especially plummeting.

There has also been increased strain between the Japanese and American government over the issue.



3 Responses to “100,000 Strong In Japan Protesting US Military Base”

  1. Concerned Geophysicist on April 25th, 2010 3:51 pm

    Nearly 100,000 people have demonstrated in Okinawa in southern Japan to demand that a big American air base be moved off the island.

    That’s quite understandable. They have now seen and heard Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.)
    tell Admiral Robert Willard that concentrating military personnel on Guam will cause it to tip over and capsize. An alert citizen has told us that Hank is apparently an avid Ernest Borgnine fan and has watched the Poseidon Adventure seven times.

    These protesters don’t want Okinawa to suffer the fate of Guam!

    We sure hope the Japanese Government acts quickly to disperse that crowd before they cause their own demise by gathering in one place to protest. New USGS data suggests that Okinawa listed 35 degrees to port during the demonstration.

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  3. ken on May 2nd, 2010 7:40 am

    Having lived there for about five and a half years, working on base, and living out in town more than half the time, i can tell you right now that there were most certainly NOT 100,000 protestors gathered anywhere. Probably more like seven or eight hundred, from my experience, and that’d be pushing it. And many of them, i might add, are probably mainlanders who were sent there by large corporations they work for on the mainland who want us to leave because our bases hold back their profit margin (don’t believe me? Awase meadows gulf course, built on local land owned by local people, was supposed to be getting ready to give back before i PCSed back to the states. All the buildings are there, nothing’s even been taken down yet, and the locals already know it’ll be another jusco. because our bases are there, taking up the space in urban areas well traveled by tourists, it stops these corporations from making a lot of money. that’s probably why they send people to join in protests, even if those people don’t care. i’ve met people who do this before).
    Okinawa’s a beautiful island, with wonderful people (once they let you into their social circle, at least! they’re kinda shy), and the reality is, a lot of them DO want us to leave, but it’s more like a third, if that. articles like this will mislead, but in all the time i’m living there, i found that most people don’t really care so much these days. Some want us to stay, some want us to go, and some don’t really care. it’s almost a 30-30-30 split, except there’s actually more who are used to us being there, so maybe a 25-50-25 split.
    It’s a big thing to them, and it’s a complex issue that will deeply affect many people. But this article gives inflated numbers and bad facts. There isn’t one base; it’s several, scattered across the middle portion of the island. And if they really despise us so much, how did i manage to marry one of them? Her whole family likes us, at least the troops who don’t make trouble for locals, but no one likes that kind of person. Better facts, and not misleading people are important so… “The Okinawa Problem”, a book by Dr. Masahide Otta, is a good place to start but it’s a very polarized issue. If you’d like to learn more about this, read literature from both sides to form an opinion; reading only one side of the story will confuse worse.

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