Maliki Denies Claims That Iraq Prison Secretly Torturing Prisoners

April 28, 2010

Iraq (ChattahBox) – Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has denied claims made by the LA Times that they are torturing prisoners at the Muthanna prison.

According to the report, prisoners are regularly given electric shocks, badly beaten, and even sodomized by the people interrogating them.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have published further reports, and urged for something to be done about the horrific abuse that is allegedly a continuation of the reported treatment of prisoners at other secret prisons, such as Abu Ghraib.

But Maliki denies the claims.

“There are no secret prisons in Iraq at all,” he said in an interview with Al-Iraqiya TV.

“[This is] a smear campaign in which embassies and media organizations took part and it was perpetuated by Iraqi politicians because it serves their interests to say that there are secret prisons.”

He says that Muthanna exists and is publicly known, with seven judges working at the prison, and no torture authorized by the state.

However, Human Rights Watch says the prison has only recently come to light, and that prior to that hundreds of prisoners were kept there.

Since the prison became known, 300 men have been transferred to other facilities, and the human rights group interviewed 42 of them as part of their investigation.

Each time the story was the same: They were hung upside-down and secured by two bars at the calf and shin, and then beaten with clubs and heavy cables. They had plastic bags put over their heads to suffocate them repeatedly. They also say that sexual abuse was a regular occurrence, and that most had been raped.



One Response to “Maliki Denies Claims That Iraq Prison Secretly Torturing Prisoners”

  1. HNS84 on April 28th, 2010 11:52 am

    What about the extremely serious human rights violations and abuses conducted by the brutal dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and other tyrannical Arab regimes? I believe there is at least a possibility that this idea of prisons where Sunnis were tortured was fabricated by people who would like to turn the international community against Maliki. It is no secret that the brutal Wahabi dictatorship in Saudi Arabia and other tyrannical regimes in the region vehemently detest the Shia and would do absolutely anything and everything they can to topple the Shia from power in Iraq even though these regimes know the Shia make up the majority of the population in Iraq. So I believe it’s entierly possible that the Sunni Arabs inside Iraq have collaborated with these despotic Sunni regimes such as the one in Saudi Arabia, fabricating this claim of a prison where people were allegedly tortured, to attempt to turn the international community against the Shia of Iraq. At least the Shia goverment in Iraq allows elections to be held in Iraq, whereas the Wahabi dictatorship in Saudi Arabia that hates, persecutes, is most intolerant towards and kills everyone who isn’t either a Wahabi or a Sunni, does not allow elections at all!

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