Putin Outraged Over U.S. Getting ‘Carried Away’ in Russian Spy Arrests

June 30, 2010

(ChattahBox)—Former KGB agent and Russian Federation Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin is not happy about the break-up of an alleged Russian spy ring operating in the U.S. for nearly a decade. How dare the U.S. government make public arrests of his undercover team of “illegals.” Putin took his complaints to former President Bill Clinton during his recent visit to the Federation, accusing American law enforcement officials of getting “carried away.” Apparently spy etiquette between the two countries, mandates that spy catching be done quietly.

The 11-member spy ring was taken down on Sunday by federal agents, charging the group with conspiracy, money laundering and failing to register as foreign agents. Many of the spies lived as married couples, having children and pursuing the American dream of suburban home ownership, while using American-sounding names and fake U.S. and Canadian passports. Their mission was to penetrate American “policymaking circles.” It’s not clear, exactly what information the spy ring sent to the S.V.R, Russia’s kinder and gentler version of the Soviet era K.G.B.

Federal agents have been monitoring the spy ring for nearly six-years, but decided to arrest the group, after learning that one of the operatives, Anna Chapman planned to flee the country and return to Russia. Chapman didn’t shy away from the spotlight, filling her Facebook page with dozens of glamor shots that have now been plastered all over the Internet, as the face of the Russian spy ring.

The arrests came soon after a successsful visit to the U.S. by Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. But President Obama, said that the arrests of a Russian spy ring operating in the U.S. would not interfere with the new “reset” relations between the two countries. And after some overheated rhetoric from Russia soon after the arrests, the Foreign Ministry is now indicating that relations between the two countries will not be damaged by the incident.

Still,Vladimir Putin complained about the very public take down of the Cold War-like group of Russian spies, which has captured the attention of the media, with its old school spy novel trade craft, such as using invisible ink and brush passes.

When meeting with Bill Clinton, Putin said the American police went overboard:

“You have come to Moscow at the exact right time,” the Russian Prime Minister told Mr Clinton. “Your police have gotten carried away, putting people in jail.”

“I really expect that the positive achievements that have been made in our intergovernmental relations lately will not be damaged by the latest events,” he said. “We really hope that the people who value Russian-American relations understand this.”

As to the charges of spying, Putin didn’t deny the allegations.

“Mr Putin offered no comment on the specific accusations against the 11 suspects, who were described by prosecutors as living under false identities in an effort to penetrate American society. Russia has acknowledged that they are Russian citizens.”

So, in the future, please just turn over our spies all quiet-like, without public fanfare. But the real question is: Should the U.S. communicate with Russia using invisible ink?

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/www.kremlin.ru


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