Karzai Admits Afghan-Taliban Peace Talks In Tentative Progress

October 11, 2010

Afghanistan (ChattahBox) – After repeatedly denying that the Afghan government was speaking with the Taliban about an official peace treaty, President Hamid Karzai has admitted that they have been in talks for some time to come up with a tentative solution.

Karzai said that the talks with various Taliban officials have been going on for awhile now as they work towards a political agreement that would bring them back with certain regulations in place. But he was quick to draw a line between the extreme religious group that put severe restriction on their people (especially women) and executed their people from “moral crimes”, and the extreme religious group that blows people up.

The Taliban, those of whom who are Afghans and the sons of Afghans soil who have been driven to violence by various factors beyond their control… we want them to come back to their country.They are like kids who have run away … from the family.

But those who are a part of Al Qaeda and the other terrorist networks who are ideologically against us or who are working against Afghanistan knowingly and out of the purpose of hatred and enmity – those of course we have to work against.

Still, this will be far from comforting for those who see the potential for a takeover, as was seen before. With Karzai’s government still facing allegations of mass corruption.


One Response to “Karzai Admits Afghan-Taliban Peace Talks In Tentative Progress”

  1. Nikos Retsos on October 11th, 2010 1:07 pm

    There are no real talks going on with top Taliban leaders. The talks are probably with various Afghan warlords who have become millionaires
    by using their militia to protect American military supply convoys in Afghanistan. But those warlords also keep good relations with the Taliban
    to protect themselves when the American puppet regime in Kabul collapses. They probably share their profits with the Taliban as insurance. Nothing substantive, therefore; just vanity “feelers” to give the Afghan war quagmire an aura of a synthetic peacemaking effort at works. And unless any affort is spearheaded by the Pakistani ISI – the nemesis of the U.S.- as intermediary with Taliban leader Mullah Omar and the Haggani Pashtun insurgents, the Karzai “Shura” under former president Burhanuddin Rabbani will just wither away as the situation worsens.

    The Taliban are not going “to lay down their arms and join the democratic government,” as the U.S. demands. And, worse for the U.S. and for karzai, the Taliban demand that “all the foreign forces should leave Afghanistan first,” before any reconciliation among the Afghans takes place. But when the U.S. forces leave Afghanistan, the slaughter of collaborators that followed the Soviet Union withdrawal from Afghanistan will be repeated. And that is why Karzai’s brother Walid prepares the Karzais for life in exile by amassing vast wealth and property holdings in Dubai and elsewhere outside Afghanistan. Karzai knows that he will have to flee like Iran’s Sha Reza Pahlevi, or be publicly hanged by the Taliban like the late Afghan president Mohammad Najibullah. Our puppets in Vietnam, General Diem Van Tieu, and Air Force Marshal, Van Cao Ky, also
    left Vietnam before the Viet Cong captured Saigon. The that is the only the Afghan war will end.

    The Afghan peace push is propelled by Baraq Obama who wants to close the Afghan war in a way that it doesn’t embarrass the U.S. with a defeat. He follows the same U.S. script of previous presidents who tried to avoid a similar U.S. embarrassment of a U.S. defeat in Vietnam. In a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) documentary titled “The Pentagon Papers” about the Vietnam war, former U.S. president Lyndon Johnson is shown on video bragging: “We are going to win this [the Vietnam] war. This is the only solution!” Also Richard Nixon is seen on another video bragging: ” I want to use our f…ing military to win the [Vietnam] war,” just before he ordered massive bombing of North Vietnam. Experts interviewed on the chronicle agreed that “70% of the Vietnam war continuation was to avoid the embarrassment of a U.S. defeat.” (PBS, October 5, 2010).

    The U.S. even tried to mask its defeat in Vietnam by having Norway award Nobel Peace prizes to its U.S. Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, and to North Vietnam’s representative Le Duc Tho who had met in Paris for peace talks, but where Vietnam demanded unconditional U.S. withdrawal. The Norwegians awarded Peace Nobels for the “peace achieved in Vetnam, but Le Duc Tho refused to accept the Nobel. “There was no peace accord; we won the war,” he said before rejecting the prize.

    But this is probably what the current ” Karzai contacts with Taliban” are all about. After 10 years of futile U.S. effort, the U.S. has realized now that it cannot defeat the Taliban who have adopted Mao Tse-tung’s “guerrilla warfare” tactics that were so successful in Vietnam. And as in Vietnam, 90% of the war in Afghanistan now is about “avoiding the embarrassment of a military defeat.” And any scheme to fashion some kind of loose peace with some Taliban, and have Norway adorn that accord with Nobel Peace Prizes to the principals, is the only “face-saving” way out. I expect this plan to fail as the similar scheme failed in Vietnam. History will just repeat itself. Nikos Retsos, retired professor

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