Afghan President Admits Accepting Cash From Iran

October 25, 2010

President Hamid Karzai

Afghanistan (ChattahBox World News) — Last week’s New York Times report indicating that Iran’s ambassador to Afghanistan was seen handing Afghan president Hamid Karzai a plastic bag filled with cash sounded more like a movie script than a page from reality — but the report was confirmed today by none other than Karzai himself, a Bloomberg report indicates.

The Iranian government has offered such financial assistance to Afghanistan at least once a year as part of a “very transparent” system ever since Afghanistan’s transitional government was put in place, Karzai said. The maximum amount that he admits accepting from Iran is 500,000 euros, although the payments sometimes total less, he said during a press conference today reported by Bloomberg.

Karzai accepted the payment from Ambassador Feda Hussein Maliki as part of a “stream that totals millions of dollars,” and the purpose was to champion Iran’s interests and to keep Western influence at bay in Afghanistan, the Times noted. Karzai himself indicated that the money was spent on the “construction of the Afghan government,” Bloomberg noted.

American policymakers were none too pleased with this revelation, with one State Department spokesman cautioning Iran to stop interfering with the Afghan government’s internal affairs, Bloomberg said.


One Response to “Afghan President Admits Accepting Cash From Iran”

  1. Nikos Retsos on October 25th, 2010 12:52 pm

    I don’t see why is anyone surprised. We have had many foreign politicians since the end of WWII that played the U.S. game to enrich themselves. Karzai is just another U.S. puppet, and U.S. puppets know that they must become rich as soon as possible because they will need that money when they go into exile. And he knows that outcome is inevitable. That is why other previous U.S. puppets, like the late Ferdinald Markos of Philippines, Shah Reza Pahlevi of Iran were rumored to have stashed away $ 25-35 billions each!

    Then, in addition to the Iranian “bags of money,” there have also been the CIA $ billions in bribes around the world to grease pro-American politicians, journalists, newspaper editors, as well as military and intelligence officers of many countries for access of information and for cooperation in anti-terrorist military missions in countries like Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, etc. And that is why we lost the Vietnam war, and that is why we will lose the Afghan war too. We make friends with a corrupt elite class, we install and sustain them in power hoping that with military support and $ billions in bribes they will help us to control that territory, and then declare a war on the people who are not part of this hegemonic scheme! And to add insult to injury, our propaganda is that we are in Afghanistan to give the Afghans democracy! But Afghan villagers and elders have been repeatedly shown on Al Jazeera newscasts where they told reporters that “they haven’t seen any money” the U.S. and Karzai claim to have passed to them.” And the epitome of insult to the Muslim world was the award of a Nobel to Obama for supporting a pro-U.S. clique of thieves in Kabul that supposedly are elected “democrats,” even though the widespread corruption is Afghanistan is the worst in the planet.

    Unfortunately, out global hegemonic pursuits, and the hundreds of $ billions we are ready to spend for achieving our objectives, has caused the politicians of many poor countries to prostitute themselves for $ U.S. billions and weaponry, while others -like Karzai, his brother Walid, and other close associates to do so for enrichment. War is a game of riches for the U.S. Military and Industrial Complex barons, the thousands of military contractors with clout in Washington, and for Karzai who is our Machiavellian prince in Kabul! Nikos Retsos, retired professor

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